Archive database

Our archive database can be found here. Detailed help on how to search through the archive database can be found here.

Various documents on the background, activities and effects of the women's liberation movements as well as gender relations since 1968 are catalogued in this database. The second women's liberation movement, referred to as the "New Women's Liberation Movement", was intended as an international movement right from the start. All records are therefore distinguished according to geographic aspects: Berlin, the Federal Republic of Germany and other named countries and regions. Furthermore, many of the active initiatives or groups of the "new" women's liberation movement were not constituted as legal entities and therefore did not often document their activities in formal files. Files, working papers, minutes, fliers (grey materials) and press clipping documentations are therefore deliberately grouped as a single object type in contradiction to conventional archive rules.

The records are assigned to a total of eight object types and entered in corresponding sub-databases:

  • Files/grey materials/press clipping documentations

  • Audios

  • Books
  • Buttons and stickers

  • Films

  • Photographs

  • Estates

  • Posters and

  • Magazines

The database is updated every three months. No individual articles of the 920 magazine titles are registered - with exception of the "Frankfurter Frauenblatt".