Services & offers


  • Commissioned research of women-related and gender research topics

  • Scientific information and documentation as well as publications of the archive's own collections

  • Compilation of lists of literature according to topics

  • Consultation of individual women and women's organisations about the preservation of cultural assets, their storage at our depot and their coverage in our archive

  • Provision of scientific and feminist contacts

  • Training of interns


  • Special library with approx. 11,500 volumes (non-fiction, reference works, fiction) on women's biographies and women's liberation movements, labour, violence against women, health, art, history, sciences, economy, politics, technology etc; as well as feminist literature for children and young people and women's travel guides; numerous publication of small publishers; the "Nozizwe" and "Gudula Lorez" libraries

  • More than 900 titles of German and international feminist magazines and periodic publications

  • Estates and autographs of feminists and well-known and less known women, e.g. Elisabeth Rothschuh (1893-1987), Margarethe Rudorff (1898-1988), Hildegard Radusch (1904-1994), Gudula Lorez (1944-1987), Suzanne Seeland (1943-2009)

  • Files from women's initiatives, associations and organisations (e.g. "Action Committee for the Liberation of Women ", Sozialistischer Frauenbund Berlin (Socialist Women's Organisation in Berlin), Demokratischer Frauenbund Berlin (Democratic Women's Organisation in Berlin), Hydra, Frauenoffensive, numerous women's refuges, Frauenzentrum Berlin (Women's Centre in Berlin), Netzwerk Berliner Lesben-/Frauenarchive (Network of Berlin Lesbian/Women's Archives) etc.)

  • Approx. 5,000 posters, stickers, buttons and picture postcards

  • About one million individual documents and press clipping documentations from the sixties to today on a number of states of the world and numerous topics

  • Approx. 5,000 photographs and historical photo albums

  • Audiovisual documents

  • Databases on materials, bibliographies and international women's organisations