New in the archive: Women and Life on Earth (WLOE e.V.)

Founded in the US in 1999 to use the internet for communication and information on issues of peace, ecology and global justice, the Women and Life on Earth internet project moved to Berlin in 2001. E-newsletters and alerts went to women and groups in many countries, and website development continued in English, German and Spanish language sections by volunteer editors and interns. From 2003 through 2012, the project was a registered non-profit German association: "Women and Life on Earth: women for international cooperation for peace, ecology and social justice e.V." WLOE e.V. maintained an office in Berlin until 2008, then moved to Bonn. Projects included work around women and biodiversity, climate change, for peace without NATO, and various translation and organizational activities. In 2011 WLOE e.V. members did the German subtitles and website section for the documentary film The Economics of Happiness and organized the film's German premiere in Berlin. In November 2012, members voted to close the German association and continue as an international working group to expand website and networking work. The files of the association were transferred to the women's archive FFBIZ in Berlin. They include many valuable books, and more than decade of clippings, original materials, reports and publications in English and German reflecting both women's work on environmental, peace and globalization issues, and information important to women and our communities.
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